I am a social psychologist at Leiden University in the Netherlands, specialising in moral psychology and intergroup processes. Much of my work comes focuses on how moral judgments intimately shape group processes and vice versa. Not only are people are more likely to act in a moral way towards people with whom they share a group membership, but these group memberships fundamentally shape what we think a moral act is. How can this peculiarity be explained? And once we understand it, how can we overcome these biases to bring about a better state for the world?

Selected Publications

Here are some of my recent publications. Please click on the button below for more a full publication list, along with overviews of the papers and links to download.

More Publications

The costs of being consequentialist: Social inference from instrumental harm and impartial beneficence

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (79), pp200-216
Jim A.C. Everett, Nadira S. Faber, Julian Savulescu, Molly J. Crockett
Publisher's website

Beyond sacrificial harm: a two-dimensional model of utilitarian psychology

Psychological Review 125(2):131-164
Guy Kahane*, Jim A.C. Everett*, Brian D. Earp, Lucius Caviola, Nadira S. Faber, Molly J. Crockett, Julian Savulescu
Publisher's website

The moral standing of animals: Towards a psychology of speciesism

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Lucius Caviola, Jim A.C. Everett, Nadira S. Faber
Publisher's website

Inference of trustworthiness from intuitive moral judgments

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145(6), 772-787.
Jim A.C. Everett, David Pizarro, Molly J Crockett
Publisher's website

Research Projects


2019 -

Lecturer in Psychology

Department of Psychology
University of Kent

2018 - 2019

PostDoctoral Researcher

Department of Psychology
Leiden University

2017 - 2018

PostDoctoral Researcher

Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
University of Oxford

Supervisors: Nadira Faber and Julian Savulescu

2013 - 2017

D.Phil Experimental Psychology

Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Oxford

Supervisors: Molly Crockett and Nadira Faber

2015 - 2016

Fulbright Research Fellow

Department of Psychology
Harvard University

Supervisors: Mina Cikara and Fiery Cushman


Visiting Researcher

Department of Psychology
Yale University

Supervisor: David Rand

2012 - 2013

MSc in Psychological Research (Distinction)

Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Oxford

Supervisor: Miles Hewstone

2009 - 2012

BA in Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology (First Class)

Corpus Christi College
University of Oxford

Selected Awards

Marie-Sklodowska-Curie “LEaDing” Fellow

From 2018 to 2020, I received an award co-funded by Leiden University and the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Foundation to enable me to work with Carsten De Dreu for two years integrating my work on moral decision making with research on parochial morality.

Fulbright Research Fellow

From 2015-2016 I received a Fulbright Postgraduate Award to work at Harvard University with Mina Cikara and Fiery Cushman.

ESRC Graduate Scholarship

My Graduate studies at the University of Oxford were funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the United Kingdom, and I received the only psychology award offered at our university offered in that year.